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Collection fongique d’Agroscope / fungal collection of Agroscope

Mycoscope Agroscope policies

The Mycoscope of Agroscope is to make fungal material (herbarium material, cultures, pictures, drawings, sequence data, and other types of data) accessible to the public and to the scientific community. The use and distribution of these data request the authorization of the project initiator [katia.gindro@acw.admin.ch]

Taxa included in the Mycoscope Agroscope database have been identified by taxonomic experts or to the most appropriate species. This work is in constant progress and some names will change according to additional data and/or depending on the improvement of the phylogenetic knowledge that document our collections. The use of the taxonomy presented here is consequently at your own risk.

Mycoscope database written and maintained by Nicole Lecoultre, Katia Gindro, Valérie Hofstetter and Stéphanie Schürch
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